Any amount of water in the garden is a hazard to children, and often hot tubs are not really seen as a hazard because they are there for fun and enjoyment.

Hot tubs do tend to be a magnet to children whether in use or not, so we have outlined some important safety considerations to ensure your hot tub experience is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Technological advances in hot tub design means that hot tubs are more energy-efficient than ever before. The HGS Hot Tub range offer clever energy saving features such as ReflectoThermTM Insulation which helps the water to retain heat for longer, so using less electricity.

Find out how hot tubs help improve mental and physical health

Regular hot tub sessions really do improve your mental and physical health! Not only is using a hot tub an enjoyable way to relax, but it also provides a wonderful place to reconnect with friends and family whilst offering an abundance of health benefits too.


If you install a wood burner stove or any biomass, wood or solid fuel appliance without using a HETAS Registered Installer then you could be invalidating any insurance claim that may have to be made if something goes wrong following the installation.

A HETAS Registered Installer self-certifies that their work complies with the relevant building regulations and the customer will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance following installation. The information on the certificate is used to record the installation and in England and Wales it is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department of the work that was undertaken.

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