You may think that if you don’t have a chimney in your home you can’t install a woodburning stove. But think again.

You can still enjoy woodburner stoves in rooms without chimneys as long as you install a flue pipe system and ensure you have adequate ventilation.

When it comes to installing your wood burning stove, there are a few health and safety factors that need to be taken into consideration, and ventilation is one of these.

All heating appliances that generate heat from the combustion of carbon-based fuels such as gas, oil and solid fuels including wood, require sufficient air from outside for complete combustion and to enable the flue to function.

Wood is an excellent source of renewable heat energy. But performance varies depending on the type of wood you burn.

Here we look at how to gain maximum efficiency from your wood burning stove by using the correct type of wood fuel.


HGS Home and Garden is a HETAS registered installer who supplies and installs woodburner stoves.

If you are thinking about buying a woodburner stove, then it will be wise to have a professional survey done as this will highlight any problems with the chimney or flue which may be issue for passing UK Building Regulations as well as designating the best location for the stove and what type of appliance will be best suited for your requirements.

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